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Advantech AIMB-230G2-U7A1E CIRCUIT BOARD, DC miniITX Haswell-ULT i7-4650U,eDP/DP/DP++ IMBM_ADVA_DI_51 $957.60 1 $957.60
Portwell AB1-3744Z NANO-6040 (600) Intel Atom E620T EG20T, 1GB DDR2 Onboard On-Board, Nano-ITX Motherboard w/ VGA, LVDS, GBLAN IMBN_PORT_AE_13 $381.00 1 $381.00
Supermicro SC826BE16-R920LPB 2U 12x 3.5 Hot-Swap HDD, 920W Redundant PSU Chassis (Black): CSE-826BE16-R920LPB CASR_SUPE_27_24 $931.95 1 $931.95
Belkin A3L980-14-YLW-S CAT6 SNAGLESS PATCH CABLE RJ45M/RJ45M 14 YELLOW CABN_BELK_D3_22 $14.95 1 $14.95
Supermicro F627R2-RT+ 4 Node, Dual XEON E5-2600 v2 C602 4U FatTwin LGA2011 High Density-Server w/ X9DRFR, CSE-F424BC-R1K28B, 2x PCI-Express X8, 2x GBLAN, IPMI, 8+4x Hot-Swap 2.5 Inch HDD, 1280W Redundant PSU, SAS, VGA: SYS-F627R2-RT+ SYI4_SUPE_F6_38 $4992.95 1 $4992.95
Advantech MIOe-210-D6A1E MI/O Extension Module IMDB_ADVA_MB_23 $72.00 1 $72.00
Advantech PCM-3718HG-CE PC/104, 12bit DAS Module w/ Programming Gain RoHS IMDB_ADVA_PD_36 $218.00 1 $218.00
Antec TwoCool 140 Two-Speed 140mm Cooling Fan FANS_ANTE_TC_14 $10.95 1 $10.95
IEI ACE-704AM-RS 45W AC-DC Open Frame Medical AT Power Supply, Medical Power Supply IPMP_IEIX_04_53 $50.00 1 $50.00
Supermicro SNK-P0047PSRM Heatsink for front CPU FA20_SUPE_04_1B $26.00 1 $26.00
iBase EMB-IB957-I3 Intel QM57 Core i3-330E 2.13GHz On-Board DDR3 5.25 Inch Disk-Size SBC SBC Motherboard w/ VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, LVDS, GBLAN, 4x COM, 4x SATA, RAID, 12x USB, mPCIe IMB5_IBAS_MI_11 $736.95 1 $736.95
Subtotal: $8392.35
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